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Saucer - Hybrid

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A slightly wider standard pick with the tip snubbed and rounded. Features our hybrid grip.

Limited stock available. 

In brick red.


After you try our picks, you will never go back to a cheap plastic pick again. Howling Monkey Handmade Tagua Guitar Picks provide superior clarity, control, attack, and durability. Our diamond pattern Pistol Grips act as a non-slip texture which helps the pick from sliding around when your hand starts to sweat.

You take your guitar playing seriously. You’ve invested time and finances into your love of music and you won’t settle for anything less than quality. You understand how important tone is – and how even the little tweaks can have a large impact on your playing and sound. Did you know changing to a quality guitar pick can not only change your tone, but improve your playing by increasing speed, attack, and control?

Our picks range from 2.2-2.7mm on average.

Photos show a typical front and back side grain structure of each pick. Colors and grain pronouncement varies.