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Choose your own combination of picks in this four pack and save some cash.

After you try our picks, you will never go back to a cheap plastic pick again. Howling Monkey Handmade Tagua Guitar Picks provide superior clarity, control, attack, and durability. Our diamond pattern Pistol Grips act as a non-slip texture which helps the pick from sliding around when your hand starts to sweat.


With beveled edges, proprietary design grooves and tagua’s natural ability to conform to you hands as you play – our picks provide amazingly clear tone, great feel and long life that many guitarists have said are the best picks they’ve ever played.

So, what is tagua? It’s a nut that grows on palm tress in the rain forests of South America. Tagua is environmentally friendly unlike other picks that require harvesting of trees; or bones/horns of animals; or petroleum based resin. We’re simply picking nuts from a tree.

Our supply of tagua is harvested through an internationally certified coalition that employs over 1,800 native South American workers, providing income to the native peoples of Ecuador and Colombia.